Terry McCormac Photography: Bio

The gentle ripple of a mountain stream, the power of a wave crashing against the shoreline. The loving kindness of a mother bear playing with her young cub or the cunning of a pack of wolves stalking its prey. These and many other contrasts make up some of the wonders of our natural world. Theses contrasts and others are out there for us to see if we'd just take the time to let our senses slow down and take them in.

For years I went through life not noticing these wonderful little miracles of nature. Then in 1988 I took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park and my eyes were opened. Since then photographing nature and its many contrasts and little surprises has becomes one of the biggest joys of my life.

Over the next ten to twelve years I would visit Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks twice a year and never fail to find something new and exciting. This experience has made me appreciate that there is always something new to see no matter how well you know a certain location. I started out photographing and observing wildlife and it became my main focus. I grew up on the Central California Coast, and have recently spent time traveling through new parts of California and have never failed to find something new and exciting to photograph.

I very rarely use filters as I feel that the world we live in is beautiful enough without the need to be enhanced. I work with Photoshop, but do very little enhancement, just enough to get the image to represent what I saw when the photo was taken. I print it with an Epson printer.

Traveling to a new and not necessarily well known location is always a joy and surprise to me. Early morning and late evening light always brings a peacefulness over the landscape that is a wonder to behold.